Calvert Green Community Association

Objects of the Association


  1. To make Calvert Green an enjoyable and harmonious place to live.
  2. To foster the spirit of the community.
  3. To promote and co-ordinate social and recreational activities for the benefit of the community without distinction of sex, politics, religion or race.
  4. To keep members informed of activities and other relevant information.
  5. To promote the benefits of the inhabitants of the parish of Calvert Green (the area of benefit) without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or of political, religious or other opinions by associating together the said inhabitants and the local authorities, voluntary and other organisations in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation creation and leisure time occupation with the object improving the conditions of life for the inhabitants.
  6. Establish or secure the establishment of the village and to maintain and manage the same in furtherance of these objects.
  7. Promote such other charitable purposes as may from time to time be determined.


  1. General membership. All residents over the age of 18.
  2. Registered membership. General Members and householders who have registered their   membership by supplying their email addresses for the distribution list.  Anyone can write by email at any time to the Management Committee be added to the distribution list thereby becoming a registered member which gives the right to vote at any Annual or Special General Meeting.


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Registered Charity No: 1104354



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